Jason Alexander

WCF Role
Operations: Information Systems

Education, Certifications & Credentials

  • B.A. Business & Economics, Westmont College
  • Microsoft MSCA
  • Apple ASCP

Originally from
Moraga, California

Road biking (weekend rides with friends or multi-day adventures), enjoying the outdoors and beautiful Santa Barbara 

Favorite quote
"When you're good at something you'll tell everyone. When you're great at something - they'll tell you" -Walter Payton

Russian Tortoise… Holland

Favorite meal

Something I’m grateful for
That my father worked in Tokyo thereby sparking my introduction to (and love for) Sushi. Some of my earliest memories are going to Sushi with my family.

Something about WCF that makes me proud
The impressive collection of smart, caring and motivated people with a genuine interest in helping people.

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