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What We Do

Guiding Principles

It's About a Better Life

It's About a Better Life

We provide financial services that are designed to achieve what most people are hoping for: a happier and more fulfilled life with less worry and doubt.
We Ask Questions, Listen, & Get To Know You

We Ask Questions, Listen, & Get To Know You

At West Coast Financial, we know that to truly serve someone, we must know them.  So we share time and we are inquisitive and observant. That’s how the truth is discovered. Because effective guidance is rooted in what is true for you.
Plans That Evolve With You

Plans That Evolve With You

WCF serves the financial needs of individuals, families, trusts, nonprofits, and businesses. In each case, we craft plans that evolve with you because we understand that each stage of an individual’s or organization’s life brings new financial risks and opportunities.
We Eat Our Own Cooking

We Eat Our Own Cooking

We keep our ourselves accountable and focused on the right things by investing our own personal assets alongside our clients. The result is better alignment for shared risk and reward. For market performance and returns, there will never be a time when our clients lose and we win. We call it “eating our own cooking.”
We Do Long Term Long Term Relationships

We Do Long Term Long Term Relationships

WCF serves our clients best when we understand their “big picture.” The wisest financial strategies are rooted in a comprehensive understanding of your financial realities and expectations, as well as your personal beliefs about what’s important and how you want to live your life. That’s why WCF is best suited for clients who recognize the benefits of a long-term advisor relationship over transactional hourly or project-based services.

Your Unique Plan

A Personal Plan: Financial Clarity & Tailored Strategy Designed For You

You deserve a YOU plan. Rather than the one-size-fits-all perspective of some firms, WCF takes a highly tailored approach. It starts with creating your personal “Financial Planning Analysis” based on the specifics of your situation and in light of your actual lifestyle and aspirations. Then we present you with possible future scenarios and give you as much time as you like to ask questions and weigh options. We also work with your other advisors (CPAs, attorneys, etc.) as appropriate to make sure your plan is truly aligned and the right plan for you.

The result is a personal wealth* management plan that is informational, educational and actionable, giving you the clearest possible picture of your situation and future possibilities. It's the foundation of how we provide guidance for smart planning and a deeper sense of peace that you are making wise decisions.

*What is "Wealth"? More is better right? In general, it usually is. Yet having an abundance of resources doesn't equate to an abundant life. True "wealth" is living your best and most fulfilling life based on your individual circumstances, characterized by joy and fulfillment. At WCF we define wealth as "the intersection between quality of life and quantity of money." That's why we take the time to understand what is meaningful to you and then plan accordingly.

Areas of Expertise

WCF Circle App: Here are some of WCF's areas of expertise.

Charitable Planning

Whether it is our deep expertise in Charitable Remainder Trusts, facilitating the most tax efficient gifts with Donor Advised Funds or Qualified Charitable Distributions, or any of the myriad other possibilities, when it comes to charitable planning, we’re here to help you help more.

Employee Stock Options

The cost of poor planning can be high when it comes to managing stock options from successful companies. At WCF, our stock option team demystifies the world of stock options for non-experts to help them navigate roadblocks, avoid regret, and ultimately maximize value. Learn more here.

We Love Small & Medium Sized Nonprofits

The sad truth is that nonprofits with endowments of less than $10 million (or so) face a tremendous lack of support and services compared to those with larger endowments. That’s why a few years ago we decided we would make a focused effort to bridge this gap in the nonprofit community. And the results have been inspiring. Learn more here.

Independent Women

Every woman’s path forward is uniquely their own. Yet there are common challenges that many independent women will face, in one form or another, that can dramatically affect their future. At WCF, our goal is to help you align your decisions with your goals. Learn more here.

Wealth Transfer Planning

For families with illiquid assets (i.e. real estate, private placements, closely held businesses, etc.), establishing a smart transfer plan can be challenging. WCF assists by creating customized action plans to successfully pass along wealth to the next generation based on the nuances of their specific situation. Learn more here.

Real Estate Investment

Whether you own property or are looking to invest, real estate is an intelligent choice for many investment portfolios. It’s also an example of WCF’s commitment to establishing aligned interests and a partnership relationship with our clients. Learn more here

Smart Retirement Planning Brings Peace Of Mind

WCF's “Financial Planning Analysis” is an in-depth cash flow analysis based on the specifics of your situation in light of your actual lifestyle and aspirations. We clarify your Personal Balance Sheet and then provide analysis and scenarios based on key assumptions and projections. Learn more here

A More Humane Approach To Financial Fundamentals

In a sense, all financial firms provide the same general services. The difference rests in the attitudes, guiding beliefs, and commitments that shape how the services are experienced by the client. Here's how we approach planning, management, and consultation:
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Grounded in analytics, our approach to financial planning covers five core areas: investment planning, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, & risk management. We customize plans based on a client’s specific values, goals and financial realities. And we employ tools, such as our custom-built financial planning analysis, to illuminate a client’s financial big picture and relevant details. Then, because our clients are served best when their entire financial team (CPA, Attorneys, etc) are all focused on the same goals, we help align everyone to make the most of their technical expertise.
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No two client situations are the same, so it’s important for us to develop customized analyses, solutions, and asset allocation targets for each client. We implement our clients’ plans by managing individual stocks and bonds as well as mutual funds and ETFs. We also manage other investments such as commercial real estate (including our own WCF Real Estate Funds), impact investing opportunities, venture capital, private equity, and others.
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Often, client’s plans need attention beyond what is typically considered financial planning or portfolio management, such as commercial real estate transactions, business succession planning, and stock options. We also help with common life events that can have a big impact on our clients’ sense of satisfaction with life, such as negotiating employment matters, transitioning after the loss of a loved one, and others.

WCF Client Locations

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