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How To Know If You Belong Here

WCF serves clients of all ages and at many stages of life. For us, it’s about working with clients who are a good match. Our clients vary widely in level of wealth.

As we see it, our job is to assist you to steward your assets in the wisest manner possible for your unique situation. We want to help you to live your most fulfilling life possible and experience the peace of mind of knowing you are on the right path. That’s why we measure success not only by maximizing returns but by maximizing your sense of fulfillment in life.

A prospective client would likely be a good match with WCF if:

  • …they agree with (or are at least open to) the idea that the true goal of financial planning is fulfillment in life and minimizing stress and worry – that profits are part of the pathway, not the only objective.

  • …there is a shared sense of warm interpersonal connection as individuals.

  • …we can envision concrete action to help accomplish their goals.
If that sounds right for you, let’s talk.